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Mobile Bumper Repair Scams – Avoid Them!

7 horrible mistakes people make when hiring a mobile bumper repair tech and how to avoid them.

Never pay anything before the job is done –
Bumper repair scams first mission is to get money upfront. Never pay a repair tech that you just met before they have done the work. – We have been told by some of our clients that they had a guy who was going to fix their bumper but needed some money to go get the right color of paint, these scam artist never come back to start the job let alone finish the job. Professionals always have everything they need to match any color.

“I only accept cash” –
Seriously? Today very few real businesses only accept cash. Ask what types of payment they accept. Accepting credit cards is an important part of running most legitimate businesses and this is no different. “I only accept cash” is one of the biggest bumper repair scams.

Hiring weekend freelancers –
The guys who throw a few tools in the back of their truck and just because they have worked in a body shop at some time, they think they can fix bumpers mobily. They can be in for a real surprise. When working in a body shop you work in a controlled environment, you spray in a temperature controlled spray booth and you use high pressure compressors, but working outdoors takes equipment and materials that are modified to get the desired results outside.

Spotting the fly by night Bumper Guys –
These guys are easy to spot, often they drive up to you while you are in a parking lot, they tell you they work at a local body shop to build credibility and they will even go so far as to steeling business cards of a real mobile techs, then when they are done with your car tell you that if you have any questions at a later date you can call them from that card. Of course, two days later when you realize that the paint doesn’t match and you call the number from the business card, you will get a legit tech on the phone with no idea of what you are talking about.
Either get a referral from a friend or do a Google search for a professional mobile bumper repair specialist.

Other signs of a scam –
-Many fake bumper repair techs use craigslist ads because they are free and they generate business, but many of these guys don’t have their own website, today any serious business owner has their own website.
-A final way to tell if they are in the mobile auto repair business is by the tools they show up to do the repair with. A qualified tech usually has a whole truck, van or trailer full of the tools of the trade.

They final sign you have been scammed –
Scammers have their craft dialed in. First they typically know how to make the damaged area look smooth enough, then they use an aerosol can of a color that is close to your cars color. Their final step is to smear a wax in a circular pattern over the entire area they have worked. They tell you that after they have finished, they wanted it to shine really pretty so they waxed it and all you have to do in 2-3 days is go to Pep Boys and get a polishing cloth and wipe off the wax. It is at this point they want cash for what they have done.

What to do?
Hopefully you don’t ever end up being a victim of bumper repair scams. In the event you do, always remember that your vehicle and/or your personal safety is not worth the possible aggression that a scammer can display if confronted.
If possible get pictures of the scammer and the license plate of their vehicle. The General Attorney of Texas has no comprehensive statute specifically governing auto repairs. However, the Deceptive Trade Practices – Consumer Protection Act includes some sections that deal with auto repairs.

We wish you the best with all of your bumper repair needs, and as always we are here to help.